5 Ways to Make Your Home Smart

5 Ways to Make Your Home Smart

There is certainly alot of talk about what differentiates a home from a Smart Home.  Being able to control numerous features of your home even while you are away is not only convenient, but it can increase security. An automated system in your home provide convenience and comfort, but it will also give you peace of mind. Below Ris Media has listed 5 essentials they say will make a home smarter.

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  1. Control your appliances from your smarthome.
    You can invest new appliances that this feature, or you can replace electrical devices, such as sockets or plugs, with a smart version. A smart power strip is another option. It is as simple as plugging it in and connecting your devices or appliances. Each plug in the power strip works independently. Android and Apple are supported by the power strip and you can control these devices from anywhere. You can turn any appliance on or off, get notifications when a television, computer, or other device is turned on, monitor carbon monoxide levels, and more.
  2. Know how to control the security system.
    Although most people have security system in place, it is very beneficial to be able to control them anywhere. When a automated access is used, you can limit access to certain areas of the home, such as your office. In addition, your phone can notify you in the event of a problem even when you are not home. Cameras can be used so that you can see every room in your home from your smartphone. Outdoor cameras will allow you to see who has been on your property when you are at work or elsewhere.
  3. Save energy by adding your heating and cooling to an automation system.
    If you are gone all day and want to keep heating or cooling cost down, you simply lower or raise the temperature settings. Then you can put it on a comfortable level a hour or so before you arrive home. This gives the home time to warm or cool before you get home, so you are not heating or cooling an empty house. You can also control blinds with this system, allowing sunlight in for your plants and helping to warm the home during the winter.
  4. Learn how to communicate with your home.
    You can control your home using technology similar to what is used when you talk to your smartphone to tell it to dial numbers or look up information. Microphones and a software program which is put on your computer is the simplest way to set up your home to respond to voice commands. The system is set up to recognise words or a phrase to perform virtually anything from turning on or dimming lights to opening drapes, turning on music, enabling or disabling alarms, and more. If you want to know the weather is like before going out, simply ask.
  5. Install a home theatre system.
    An automated home theatre system will provide you with the feel of a movie theatre in your home. Movies, videos, music, and much more can be streamed throughout your home and even outdoor areas sued for entertaining. An app for your smartphone is simple to use to control all of this and more. Control the lighting for optimal viewing of movies. The sound can be adjusted, providing you with surround sound that is more like what you experienced in the movie theatre.
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