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B&O Earset3i Earphones


So light and yet the sound quality is bound to amaze you. The dynamic full tone loudspeakers mounted on a telescopic bar are constructed according to the open loudspeaker principle that lets through some environmental sounds. That way you will not be entirely cut off from the world when enjoying the pure sound of the Earphones.

Regular in-ear earphones can feel uncomfortable or have a problem staying in your ear when you’re moving a lot. The Earphone and EarSet 3i can be adjusted to fit the contours and curves of the individual ear. This ensures that they sit comfortably and firmly regardless of whether you’re jogging or just relaxing.

With conventional earphones much of the sound never makes it into the ear. To stop this kind of leakage, we have developed earphones that can be adjusted to fit the contours and curves of the individual ear. The speaker unit itself can be moved up or down or side to side until the most comfortable and effective position is found.


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Dimensions: 35mm x 59mm x 14mm (1.4 x 2.3 x 0.6 in)

Frequency Range: 50 – 20,000Hz

Features: 3 control buttons (up volume, down volume and control)

Designer: Anders Hermansen

Weight: 22g (0.78 oz)

Colours: Aluminium in black, white

Microphone: Electret condenser

Loudspeaker: Electro-dynamic speaker

In the Box:  Earset, 3 x 2 ear pads, Carrying pouch, Manual