Custom Installation

Our experts stand by to install the perfect, custom tailored Bang & Olufsen experience in your home.

From large scale home automation to a flawless installation of a newly acquired surround setup, we are here to accommodate your needs. We’ll help you with everything from initial consultancy to final implementation. Seamless convenience with one touch of your Bang & Olufsen remote is our goal.

The importance of a good setup

A lot of times, a Bang & Olufsen product will land at the home of a happy customer, dying to unbox and set it up in a matter of minutes. While this is perfectly understandable, our experienced personnel are able to help you achieve the perfect marriage of placement, tonality and décor in very little time. The placement of for instance a BeoLab 18 or 19 in your living room will have quite a large effect on its performance. So just ask, and we’ll guide you to the perfect custom setup.

Tailoring larger solutions to your home

Whether it’s creating a home cinema or a BeoLink setup that lets your music follow you from room to room, we’re able to specifically tailor the right solution to your house or apartment. Our local experts will examine your home’s acoustics, routing and electronics to determine the best ways possible to transform your living space.

Trusted partners

Our product partners include Crestron, Sonance, Schneider, Trufig and others. All are tops in their field. These provide a variety of solutions for home automation, privacy, and state of the art music and video storage.

Smarthome Philosophy

Imagine a home that welcomes you the minute you step through the door and keyin the alarm code. The lights turn on, the curtains open, and your favourite music starts to play, while the thermostat automatically adjusts to your preferred temperature This is the power of the BeoLink SmartHome. Virtually everything you own is your’s to control at the touch of a button.

At Bang & Olufsen we strive to enhance your living space by seamlessly integrating your systems and your home. All our products have a proud legacy of excellence in both design and engineering. A statement of timeless quality, ensuring that each new generation is as compatible with the past as it is with the future.

“We believe in full integration. This means going beyond the integration of our loudspeakers and TV solutions, and providing an intuitive system for controlling not only your Bang & Olufsen products, but all your home technology solutions.”

Our products are willing and able to cooperate with all of your available intelligent systems. Our solutions are guided by the overall aim of making life easier and more enjoyable, not only for the homeowner, but also for the installer in charge of the home integration con guration. Simplicity for everyone.