A network is fast becoming a mandatory inclusion in the automated home, not just in business.

These days, networks are not just for your computers, but can include a vast range of audio and video products. With access to music and video over the internet, a compatible network is the key to accessing this.

The latest TVs now provide access to internet-based video channels.

Blu-Ray players connect to the internet to provide exclusive additional content, and there’s a huge world of music out there waiting for you to discover it.

For computing at home, a wired network is still the best way to go.

For guaranteed speed, reliability and security, it is far superior to a wireless network. Of course, the best time to install a wired network is during building or renovating.

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Why It’s Important to Have a Solid Network for Your Home

Today it is so important to have a solid network in your home. The amount of people owner smart devices is growing ever year according to the Z-Wave Alliance. The more smart devices in your home the greater the need to have a mesh network. Streaming music or video can cause sluggish performance or losing connect all together. A few years ago, you could have gotten away with a basic Wi-Fi, but today this is not the case. During the implementation of devices, the network needs to meet the standards of reliability, bandwidth and performance required.

When Home Control and Audio design a network, we perform a wireless spectrum analysis, a wireless site survey and calculate the path profile. Our design team can utilise the data collected to properly design and implement an appropriate network and choose the correct components to give you maximum performance.

Not sure wheather you need a Router/Extender Combo vs. Mesh Network System, Click here for some information.

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