Installing a home lighting control system in your home is not just about turning lights on and off.

Home Control & Audio Lighting Control

Lighting control systems have evolved in to so much more than just scene setting. Today, including lighting control in to your project offers convenience, security and energy efficiency. Including a lighting control system reduces the number of times you’ll find yourself having to reach for a switch – and it saves on your electricity usage too.

Programmed to suit your day-to-day life, your lighting control system can complement the natural light, provide greater security and even illuminate features throughout your residential or commercial premises.

Lighting, air conditioning, window treatments can be integrated as one, the perfect levels of light, heat and blind/curtain functions, perfectly controlled from in-wall keypads, touch screens, or mobile devices iPad.

Setting The Scene

Lighting control in-wall keypads are programmable to control any combination of lights in and around the house. These combinations can be created, swapped, or modified by one of our technicians. Global scenes can be created such as ‘Welcome home’, ‘Goodnight’, ‘Holidays’, ‘Dinner party’, etc. Lighting control is particularly beneficial in large homes allowing you to switch all lights off from one button.

Home Control & Audio Lighting Control
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