Ness Corporation


Ness – More than just Security Products


Ness Corporation, manufacturers and wholesalers of award winning Australian designed electronic security equipment recently celebrated its 40th year of local security products design and manufacturing and its 14th year of contract manufacturing.


Drawing from its vast experience and utilizing its enviable manufacturing facility Ness expanded into the field of contract manufacturing at a time that outsourcing to China was rapidly gaining momentum. Against the odds Ness has defied the national trend by growing this segment of its business substantially.


Ness is continually advancing its capabilities to ensure a competitive edge and a major step it has taken along the path was the installation of two in-line Flying Probe Testers. Every single loaded PCB is in-circuit tested by one of these machines in addition to at least one other powered test and any other tests as required by Ness’ customers. The “Probers” record pass-fail and out of tolerance data, which is used for statistical analysis, serving to close the quality loop to ensure that every prior process remains under full control. First-Pass Yields are also calculated from the data.


This test strategy was pioneered and developed by Ness over eight years ago and is still unique today.